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Backpacking gear

Walkabout Travel Gear

Walkabout Travel Gear is one of the first internet-based companies, and has been online for over 12 years. They provide travellers with a wide range of backpacking gear, of which all items have been personally selected and field tested, both for quality and usefulness. And that's exactly what makes this company stand out from the rest. For a full overview of Walkabout's products, browse their catalog.

Recommended travel equipment

What follows is a small selection of backpacker travel gear items that can come in useful during just about every trip. The products mentioned here can all be found in the Walkabout Travel Gear catalog, along with a lot of other useful stuff.

Luggage Lock

Luggage Lock ($4.25)

In our experience, more travelers get stuff stolen from their packs or suitcases than get their packs or suitcases stolen. It can happen while you're asleep, or not paying attention, on the train or ferry, or while your baggage is in transit. Often it is too risky for thieves to steal your luggage, so instead they reach inside and grab what they can. From speaking to other travelers, we know it is much too common. Our TSA Luggage Lock allows you to lock your suitcase or luggage; its small size allows it to fit through zipper pulls. Also useful for hostel lockers.

Undercover Deluxe Security Belt

Undercover Deluxe Security Belt ($12.00)

Keeps passport and other essential items out of sight. Straps around your waist with adjustable, elasticized waist belt and ultra-thin quick release buckle. Compartments for passport, currency, traveler's checks, and credit cards. Fits international passports.

Potable Aqua with P.A.

Potable Aqua with P.A. ($9.00)

Going to strange lands but don't want a water purifier? Take Potable Aqua with P.A. instead. Makes questionable water safe to drink with no iodine taste or color. Two bottles; step one is the germicidal tablets and step two is the neutralizing tablets to remove iodine taste and color. Treats up to 25 quarts or liters. Bottles weigh 2.4 oz. together and are very small.

Ultra-Lite Traveler First Aid Kit

Ultra-Lite Traveler First Aid Kit ($25.95)

The Ultra-Light Traveler Kit is our first aid kit of choice for shorter Walkabouts. Weighing only 8 oz. and packaged in a zippered pouch measuring only 6" x 5" x 2", the kit contains a cornucopia of basic first aid components: diarrhea medication, basic wound management, basic blister materials, basic burn materials, basic trauma materials, advanced infectious control, splinter picker forceps.

Hi-Lo Combination Converter/Transformer Kit

Hi-Lo Combination Converter/Transformer Kit ($34.00)

Confused about international electricity? Everybody is. Our Hi-Lo Combination Converter/Transformer Kit is the solution to a problem only modern mankind has faced. Contains a dual circuit converter\transformer with five plug-in adapters which fit almost every 2-pin (non grounded) electrical outlet Homo sapiens has invented. Our Hi-Lo Converter/Transformer is the cream of the crop, and contains a safety fuse to prevent damage to appliances. Travel is complicated enough; take our Hi-Lo Kit. Everything fits into a convenient carrying case. Surprisingly small and lightweight.

Travel Alarm Clock

Travel Alarm Clock ($20.00)

On vacation, you get to sleep late... Except when your plane/train/ferry leaves at 4 a.m. An alarm clock is, unfortunately, a must for all travelers, even serious Walkabouters. Our lightweight (2.2 oz) world-time alarm clock is a sleek item with a cover that folds out to become its base. Large LCD display. Snooze function so you can finish your REM.

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife ($9.00)

Sturdy yet inexpensive pocket knife has 14 tools for the road including knife, scissors, nail file, tweezers, can/bottle opener, screwdriver, and many others. It also includes a corkscrew for vino fiestas


PackTowl (from $6.25)

Towels often are not standard in budget lodgings. And they certainly are not supplied at campgrounds or the deserted beaches you've discovered. If you're carrying your world on your back an ordinary towel simply does not work. It's heavy (especially when wet) and takes forever to dry. The solution: the Original PackTowl. Very lightweight and extremely quick drying. The Original PackTowl holds nine times its weight in water yet releases 90% of the liquid when wrung out. A must on adventure travels. Attached snap allows hanging from hook (or tree) for drying. Also perfect for gym lockers.

Weatherproof Travel Journal

Weatherproof Travel Journal ($6.95)

Don't take chances with your travel journal. Somehow ours always get wet; from rain or spilled liquids. Take our exclusive "Rite in the Rain" Journal. Made of unique all-weather paper. It is waterproof! No special pen required -- you can write even in a rainstorm.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cube ($10.00)

Keep your luggage neatly packed and organized with Eagle Creek's soft zippered Pack-It cubes. Great for storing undergarments, socks and smaller items. Features a see-thru mesh lid.

Images and verbiage courtesy of Walkabout Travel Gear LLC

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