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Online Travellers

On this page you can find links to travellers' websites, travel blogs, travel journals and travelogues that contain backpackers' personal stories, pictures and experiences from abroad. If you want to add your own online travel journal, just get in touch to get linked here. - Notes from the road... - Notes from the road...
"Within these pages you will find my regularly updated blog, plenty of photos from some of my past trips, and some articles of particular interest to those amongst you wishing to travel, those currently planning a trip, and for the real lucky ones already on the road."
Un Coup de Pouce autour du Monde Un Coup de Pouce autour du Monde
"A hitch-hiking travelogue through France and Europe by Jeremy, a 22 year-old French man. The site also gives details about his upcoming world tour by hitch-hiking. Includes photos."
Around the World Around the World
"Susana and Brian Schaller traveled to 3 continents, 30 countries, and had countless adventures along the way..."
"We love to combine our two favorite hobbies: Travel and Photography..."
"This site contains my backpacking travelogues and hiking journals..."
Planet Trekker Planet Trekker
"My little piece of the world, my opportunity to share the the stories of my travels, where I've been and what I've seen..."
Spud's Travels
"The home of the World's most-traveled Potato Head..."
Daves Travel Pages
"A travelogue site set up for friends and friends to be to follow my journeys..."
Notes from the Road
"A world of rough roads, rum, world history, ecology, geography and human nature..."
Seven months: a journal of a journey
"I have an opportunity to travel for seven months. So I'm taking it..."
Neoncarrot India travelog
"A great way for us to amuse ourselves in the (short!) periods between the chai..."
"I've been on the road almost non-stop since '95 and this site is a reflection..."
Live a Little
"For 365 days we are leaving the security and comfort of our cosy life..."
Hitchhike the World
"One way ticket, two backpacks, a few hundred dollars, little plans and lots of dreams..."
Andy & Amanda - Downunder and Beyond
"One day after looking out of my office window at the view I have seen..."
World as Stefano sees it
"This homepage is fully dedicated to my greatest interest: exploring the world to know new..."
The Savage Files
"This website is the result of three years' travel across five continents. It contains thousands..."
Around the World in 80 Clicks
"Personal travel impressions from over 100 countries in pictures and stories..."
Come hang out with Mr. Moose
Impressions from bicycle travels
"Via our camera lenses we try to visualise the feeling of travelling by bicycle..."
"From May 2001 to July 2003 I travelled the world WITHOUT ANY MONEY, visiting people..."
James' travelog
"The world from a backpacker's perspective. This travel journal narrates my adventures on the road..."
"A planetary adventure written and photographed by Juan Carlos Angulo..."

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