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Submit your Destination Guide!

World Backpackers is building up a collection of destination guides about cities and countries that are great to visit when backpacking the world. The idea is that all destination guides are writings of travellers like you and me; they contain descriptions, suggestions and highlights of a particular destination; they're based on personal travel experiences.

The aim is to gather many destination guides on places all over the world. These sent in guides will be freely available on this website, so that other travellers can find cool itinerary suggestions, sightseeing musts, wicked hostels, scary local dishes, and so on. In this way, World Backpackers serves as an online place where backpackers can find and exchange useful destination & travel info.

To make this work, your help is needed. So pick up your pen or start up Word on your computer, and begin writing your own guide! It really doesn't matter whether you're an experienced writer or not, and all submissions are much appreciated.

How to send in your destination guide

  1. Address an email to: destination @
  2. Copy & paste your destination guide in the email or attach it as a file (Word-document or plain text).
  3. You may send along pictures of the destination; those will be published too.
  4. Send the email, and your guide will be published in Destination Guides (within a few days).

Small print: guidelines, rules & requirements

  • There is no standard 'format' your guide should be in. For an idea of what you could do, have a look at the already sent in destination guides.
  • The destination guide has to be your own work (i.e.: written by you, based on your own experiences).
  • If you choose to include pictures, make sure these are yours (and not copyrighted elsewhere).
  • You retain all copyrights on your work.
  • By sending in your destination guide, you give the right to publish it online.
  • If necessary, minor editorial corrections will be made in your work before publication.

For any other questions, feel free to get in touch.


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